My trip to China, with links to my TV interviews

I was back in the motherland from April 12 through April 28 and much of the time was spent promoting Behind the Red Door: Sex in China. One highlight for me was a lengthy interview with Xinhua TV, which has been posted in its entirety on the Chinese video site youku. Later on the same day I gave an hour-long presentation to the Beijing Foreign Correspondence Club, followed by an appearance on the great Sinica Podcasts, along with my publisher Graham Earnshaw. The complete podcast can be listened to here. By that time of day, after hours of other interviews, I was pretty exhausted, but the Sinica editors did a great job tying my answers together.

The other big highlight of the trip was my presentation to the Shanghai Foreign Correspondents Club. At its sister club in Beijing there were only about 20 reporters because so many had flown to Korea to cover the breaking story of North Korea’s threats of war. In Shanghai, there were nearly 70 attendees and many of them asked questions, so I was probably up there for 90 minutes or so. The presentation seemed to be well received and several copies of the book were sold on the spot. All in all a very good day.

In case you have trouble accessing the Xinhua interview on Youku, it’s available in two installments on YouTube:

Also, you can read the print story about the interview (in Chinese), or see the buzz it’s stirring over at Soho, one of China’s largest portals (also in Chinese).

The first half of my trip was all about book promotion, For the second half I took off to Nanjing and Hangzhou with a friend and savored the scenery (what’s more gorgeous than Hangzhou?), a much needed break. Great trip, great interviews, great sightseeing in Hangzhou.